The Nashville scene is booming in more ways than one -- housing, eating, and entertainment is just the tip of the iceberg. Among the boom is the influx of coffee shops around the city. Whether you just want a good cup of joe, or you need to get some work done, there are so many options to choose from.

We put together a short list of the Nashville essentials, along with some new shops:

1. Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor is quite possibly Nashville's most popular coffee shop -- it's even well-known on a national level! The first location opened in 2012 and there are now four locations throughout Nashville. Check them out >>


CREMA opened in 2007. They are super picky about the coffee they serve. They relationally source coffee from farmers they know and trust. Learn more about them >>

3. Retrograde Coffee

Retrograde is one of Nashville's newest coffee shops. Located in East Nashville, Retrograde is the perfect spot to meet up with friends. You can't miss it with this vibrant mural! Take a look >>

4. Steadfast Coffee

Enjoy flash-chilled, 'rested' drinks, and Matchless Coffee Soda at Steadfast. Their unique coffee bar in Germantown is sure to impress. Find out more >> 

5. Dose

Dose is a fun & bright shop to get your morning caffeine fix. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and yummy breakfast & lunch options. Visit their website >>

Fun coffee shops are just one good reason to live in Nashville! Get in touch with one of our local experts and they can help you make the move to Music City. 615.815.1295