You have probably heard that the best time to buy and sell a home is during the spring and summer seasons. Is that actually the case? There are several bonuses to fall real estate! The season is changing, the weather is cooling, and now may be the prime time for you to buy or sell!

1. There is less competition

Because of the popular belief that fall is a bad time to engage in real estate, many people shy away and consider it to be "off-season." However, there are often times just as many houses on the market as there are during the busier times of the year. This gives you first dibs on a new home and makes it easier for you to make your home stand out in the crowd during this down time.

2. Sellers are worn out

If a seller has had their home on the market for months, they are more than ready to have it off of their hands. Plus, many sellers are eager to sell before the holidays, making them more apt to be open to negotiation. As a buyer, you can take advantage of this by putting in a lower offer than normal.

3. Year-end sales

When you buy a home at the beginning of the holiday season, you can take advantage of the year-end deals and promos that many stores have. Use these saving to furnish and decorate your new home!

4. It's safer

Typically, crime rates are higher during the warmer months. When you are moving in or out of a home, there is a lot of activity happening around the property, which makes it easier for potential crooks to slide in. Moving at this time allows you to settle in without having to be overly concerned about installing extra security measures.

5. A faster transaction

At Music City Experts, our agents are determined to give you nothing but expert representation with exceptional results at all times. Naturally, during a slower time of year, your agent will have more time to focus solely on you. Lenders, appraisers, and the like will be slower, too. This results in a faster and smoother transaction for you.

Convinced fall is a great time to buy and sell? We think so too. Let our team of expert REALTORS® help you out this season! Reach out to us -- 615.815.1295