Hey there, homebuyer! After you find out what you are pre-approved for, the next step is house hunting with your Music City Experts real estate agent! There are many decisions to be made along the home buying journey. Undoubtedly, the biggest choice is, "Which house is perfect for me among the thousands on the market?" When purchasing a home, you can either go for a brand new home or you can buy an existing home. There are benefits to each. It all boils down to which fits your personal preferences and situation.

Let's take a look at the benefits between buying new construction vs. resale homes.

Buying New Construction

  • New homes are built with new & modern materials that are built for longevity
  • Usually come with new appliances, with the exception of a refrigerator
  • Safety features like upgraded fire and intruder alarms
  • Many potential health and safety hazards are eliminated since they comply with today's building codes
  • Feature modern architecture and layouts -- often larger, more open concept, walk-in closets
  • Built to be energy efficient
  • Easier to customize during the building process
  • Untouched, be the first resident

Pro tip! It is in your best interest to be represented by a REALTOR® when purchasing new construction. When selling new homes, the site agent represents the builder and will always have the builder's interest in mind. Bring your real estate agent every time you are looking at a new build. It is your agent's job to ensure you get the best value for your money by negotiating extras, financing options, and proper inspections on your new home.

Buying An Existing Home

  • Typically allows for easier negotiation in the buying process
  • Sometimes resales have more land, especially in urban areas (in comparison to urban new construction)
  • They are almost always part of a established neighborhood
  • Existing homes tend to be closer to the core of urban areas
  • Resales tend to be less expensive than new construction and come with things that might cost extra in a new build. For example, window blinds.
  • Traditional, cozy layouts
  • Existing homes have a recognizable character and charm
  • Allows for creative renovation

As you can see, both types of homes have substantial benefits. Our Nashville Real Estate Experts can make your home-buying process as easy and as stress-free as possible. Let one of them help you navigate your real estate transaction!

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