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April 3, 2020

Why the Coronavirus threat is not a housing crisis

1. Today's market is much different than 2008's.

This is not 2008. Today’s market conditions & financial institution health are far from the time when housing was a key factor that triggered the recession. Then, banks freely gave mortgages to individuals that were eventually going to be unable to make payments, home price appreciation was rapidly increasing, there was a surplus of inventory, homeowners were equity-borrowing excessively, and more.

We are not where we were 12 years ago. None of those factors are in play today.

2. We are confident in what we know.

Housing is not a catalyst that could send us spiraling back to that time or place. According to the Goldman Sachs GDP Forecast, although there is no growth anticipated immediately, gains are predicted as we head into the second half of this year and into early 2021. This is all momentary in time.

3. A recession does not equal a housing crisis.

In four recessions prior to 2008, only one of the four resulted in home value depreciation. That was in 1991, and the value only depreciated by 1.9%. Of the other three recessions, home values actually appreciated -- as much as 6.6%!

Although the fear of a recession is real, you can be confident that its affect on the housing industry will be minimal, if at all.

4. After the virus threat, the real estate market is expected to boom.

Just like every industry, real estate has had to totally change how things are done -- client meetings, inspections, appraisals, and closings are all different. Real estate professionals, including our team at Music City Experts, have been working tirelessly to ensure that the industry remains safe, stable, and alive. 

Fortunate for us, many people are sitting in front of their devices for countless hours, leaving them to endless scrolling and imaginative online searches. For some, these searches will end up on a home search or local properties for sale. Social media is full of real estate agents drumming up excitement to prospective buyers with virtual tours.

So, for sellers why not go ahead and list your home & take advantage of this extra time to market your home. Either buyers will be knocking on your door as soon as this clears up, or they won't want to wait and will take advantage of the many virtual home buying services provided by real estate affiliates all over.


We understand that times are uncertain and can be scary for our neighbors. You can be confident that this is temporary, everything will bounce back, and we will get through this together. Looking to buy or list? Let's get you in touch with one of our agents that can help you in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable.

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March 29, 2020

Spring Cleaning Checklist & Tips

Ahh. Spiring finally has sprung in Nashville! We love the feeling of rebirth & renewal that comes with budding trees, flowers, crisp air, and longer days with more sunshine. Traditionally, this time of renewal has been used to deep-clean our homes. Who doesn't love a clean, tidy house? Not only does a clean and organized home feel great, but it also helps you prep to sell, if listing your home is a goal this year. Many of us are staying safer at home right now anyways, so why not make the most of it by making our home happier and healthier.

Our list tackles every room in your house – from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen to the living room. If it seems like it's a lot to do, try breaking it down by doing one room a day for the next week.

Every Room

Wash baseboards, window sills, doors, and walls

Vacuum and wash vents

Wash window decor (drapes, etc.).

Dust blinds

Wash windows - inside and out

Dust and shine overhead lights - replace burnt light bulbs

Dust and/or vacuum light fixtures and lamp shades


Clean out pantry

Wash kitchen cabinets

Deep clean oven

Move fridge - vacuum and mop behind it

Vacuum coils on fridge

Deep clean fridge inside - wash outside

Living Room

Dust and wash any and all mirrors, frames, and decorative items

Vacuum all upholstery

Vacuum all lamp shades

Dust furniture and fixtures

Wash all throw pillows and blankets 

Dust and polish furniture

Vacuum and shampoo carpets - mop and wax if necessary


Wash all bedding (including mattress pad)

Wash all bed and throw pillows

Flip mattress - if using pillow top, rotate mattress

Purge anything stored under bed you don't want anymore


Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors -- this should be done at least twice a year

Check all electronics, make sure they are plugged in, cords are untangled and everything is plugged into a surge protector

Check expiration date on fire extinguisher

Sweep front porch and back deck

Store all winter items, clothes, and decorations

Disinfect all computer keyboards and mouse (Use compressed air to remove crumbs, dust and other particulates. Use a dampened microfiber cloth and wipe the keys down. Use dry microfiber to remove any leftover moisture. Disinfectant wipes are okay to use as well.)


Clean and disinfect tub and shower

Wash bathmats

Dust and replace decorative items

Wash and/or replace shower liners and shower curtains


Throw out old and expired makeup. Clean your makeup holders.

Update all your house first aid kits. Toss expired medication while sorting other medication.

Donate any unused clothes items to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or other local community organizations.

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March 20, 2020

How to navigate a multiple offer situation -- and win!

Picture this. You've been house hunting for weeks. Finally, you find the home and you're absolutely in love with it. You contact your agent, break out your checkbook, write an earnest money deposit, and sign the purchase contract. Maybe this home has even been sitting on the market for months -- so, you're sure that your offer will be the one. The next day, your real estate agent informs you that your dream home is now in a multiple offer situation.

Multiple offers are very common, especially in a hot real estate market like Nashville. How can you be sure that you win a multiple offer situation the next time you are house hunting?

Submit a large earnest money deposit

Sellers sometimes worry that once they commit to an offer, the winning buyers might back out of the transaction or default on the contract. By then, all the other buyers have disappeared leaving the seller back at square one.

Remember that the earnest money deposit is part of your down payment. By putting a large deposit down, you'll show the seller that you're financially strong & serious about closing.

Prove to the seller that you're qualified

Almost every offer will include a letter from a lender. Provide the sellers with a letter including your pre-approval from your lender. A pre-approval makes you appear like a much stronger buyer as opposed to a pre-qualification.

Pay for terms the seller would normally cover

If you're really set on that home, you can offer to cover some terms of the contract that the seller would normally pay. For example, you could pay for the title processing, home warranty, etc. Saving the seller money is a sure-fire way to get attention drawn to your offer.

Shorten or waive some contingencies

Especially if your sellers are eager to get out of their home, you can consider tightening the inspection time-frame. You will still want to get a home inspection, though. You might also consider waiving the loan approval contingency if your loan is solid. Your real estate agent can help you decide if you want to waive an appraisal contingency based on comparable home sales in the area.

Appeal to the sellers emotions

In addition to proving to your sellers that you are qualified to purchase their home, you can go an extra step further by writing a personal letter or recording a video of yourself or your family. Tell the seller exactly why you love their home so much, or, how your kids will play in the backyard. You will definitely get their attention this way.

Give the sellers time to move

If you don't need to move right in to your home (or even if you start moving in), give the seller the option to live in the home rent-free for a period of time while they are moving out or searching for a new home. This can take stress off of the seller, thus making your offer more appealing.

Offer over the asking price

With your agent's guidance, submit an offer for more than the list price. Sometimes, sellers price a home lower than market value to allow for a bidding war. If you offer closer to the market value to begin with, your offer may get accepted instead of others.

Include an Escalation Clause

Put simply, this lets a home buyer say: "I will pay X price for this home, but if the seller receives another offer that's higher than mine, I'm willing to increase my offer to Y price." 


The days of seeing multiple offers in Nashville are far from over. Now, you're more equipped to snag that dream home with an irresistible offer! Of course, when you choose the right real estate agent, they will help you navigate this process & guide you to make the best decisions throughout your transaction.

Are you looking to purchase a new home soon? Let's get you in touch with one of our Experts.


Jan. 31, 2020

The 2020 Nashville Real Estate Market. How does it look?

It’s a new year and yes, Nashville’s housing market is still on fire. Real estate trends all still indicate that our market is hot. Since the housing market crash of 2008 that occurred over a decade ago, people fret that another one may be looming over us. Fortunately, the statistics and positive trends show that there isn't a need for worry -- and not just for 2020, but for the foreseeable future.

As Nashville has gained even more popularity in the past ten years, our city and market has seen significant changes. Now, Nashville's real estate market is getting national attention. According to Urban Land Institute, Music City is lined up to be the third hottest real estate market in the United States.

The December 2019 statistics for Davidson County looked a little like this.

These numbers are expected to get even hotter. So, what are the top three market trends we are expecting in 2020?

(Spoiler alert, they're good news for everyone.)

1. Nashville will remain affordable

Although real estate prices continue to climb above the national average sale price, affordability will not be impacted in 2020. Nashville's prices are comparable to other hot, fresh, and trendy real estate markets like Austin, Atlanta, and Raleigh.

2. Real estate prices will continue to appreciate

Since 2000, home prices have increased by 120% -- exceeding the state and national level of appreciation over this time period. At least for the next five years, appreciation will continue at a high rate. Our fast population growth and economic expansion bringing new high-wage jobs to Nashville are contributing factors. When Fortune 10 companies, like Amazon, move into Nashville, our confidence is further increased in our market.

3. Nashville will continue to be a buyers market

Nashville is already a balanced buyer's market and that trend will continue into 2020. Nashville will still face the 3rd strongest investor demand in the country, housing inventory will stay sufficient. Although, bidding wars will still exist in more affordable areas as buyers will compete with investors and corporations.

2020 might just be your time to buy in or move to Music City so you can reap the benefits of our appreciating prices. Don't allow fears of the "the real estate market crashing in the near future" deter you from making the best investment of your life. Those misconceptions are simply not true.

Meet our team of experts that can help you buy or sell. Or, see how much your home is worth

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Jan. 24, 2020

2020 Home Design Trends

A new year is traditionally a time for change. But even more than the usual changes we’ve come to expect with each passing year, a new decade brings with it even more of an impetus to do something #DeliberatelyDifferent!

Home design is no exception.

The last decade is all the proof we need. Home design took a drastic shift from oversized furniture, Tuscan-style finishes and all brown all the time in the early 2000s to the midcentury pieces, farmhouse simplicity and monotone greige filling homes at the end of 2019.

We’ve gathered 9 trends to love in the first year of this brand new decade:

1. Farmhouse Refined

Lovers of farmhouse design sing the praises of it’s casual, lived-in vibe. But many complain that it lacks in warmth and individuality. Look for a more refined farmhouse style to take place of the current cool, monotone look. This new incarnation will bring in more color and pattern and a bit more sophistication with influences from European country cottages.

2. Bring The Outside In

Natural elements in your living space is a trend that started a few years ago and continues to reign, but its tamed down a bit for the new decade. Houseplants are still a beautiful way to add color and texture to a space, but instead of a wild, overgrown fiddle leaf fig choose the more modern shape of an olive tree. Pair your furnishings made out of natural fibers with a deep jeweled paint color to elevate your style from boho to chic. Marble and real stone are fantastic additions to your home design - not just on big ticket items like countertops and tile, but as accessories like a vase or a pot for your elegant olive tree.

3. New-trals

Color is making a comeback! Pantone’s Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a rich shade of navy. Expect this color to pop up everywhere from textiles to cabinetry. Earth tones will take center stage kicking grey to the curb. Muted pinks, terra-cotta oranges and golden hues will be the neutrals of the new decade giving a big nod to number two on this list.

4. High Contrast, High Impact

In case you haven’t already noticed… monotone grey is so last decade. 2020 is all about being bold and making a statement. What better way to make big impact than with a stark contrast? Black doors. Bright ceiling (so long accent wall!) Dark and daring trim (Classic Blue, anyone?) And really could there be a more timeless combo that black and white?

5. Multi-tone Kitchens

No home design roundup would be complete without including the heart of the home - the kitchen. All white and stainless steel kitchens have seen better days. The kitchens of the new decade will mix colors on cabinetry, perhaps a colorful island or upper and lower cabinets in contrasting colors. Wood will find it’s way back into the mix either on cabinets, a custom range hood or butcher block tops. Combining elements from some of the other trends on this list will give you that update you are ready for and breathe new life to the all white (yawn!) kitchen.

6. Well-defined Living Spaces

Ok… so you are probably thinking this is design sacrilege. But word on the street is there is a shift away from open-concept living especially among millennials who are slated to be the largest group of homebuyers in the coming decade. Offices, dining rooms and kitchens separate from the living and lounging spaces speak to how we use our homes IRL. 

Think twice before sledgehammering that wall!

7. Sustainable Design

This area is broad because it covers everything from the type of furnishings we choose to purchase in our homes to the materials we use to cover our floors. Disposable furniture is becoming passè in favor of higher quality items. A single vintage statement piece has big design impact while also reusing an existing object thereby lessening environmental impact. Tables and bookshelves made with sustainable materials such as rattan and wicker are not only on point design-wise, but also reduce our footprint on the planet. Vintage and second hand shops are full of one-of-a-kind design treasures waiting to make your space truly unique.

8. Uniquely You

What if the ultimate trend is to not follow any trend at all? This may very well be the biggest shift we see this decade. Cookie-cutter homes have been on the way out for several years and cookie-cutter design is close on it’s heels. Authenticity seekers are finding that while Instagram and Pinterest are full of design ideas, these designs don’t always reflect their personal tastes. So ask yourself - do I love this? Once you discover what speaks to you… do that thing in your home!


Are you looking for a new home to make your own? Or is turn-key 2020 design more what you have in mind? We can help you find your dream space for the new decade. Choose an agent that is right for you >>

Courtesy of Grace Laird Photography

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Dec. 3, 2019

Nashville Christmas Events 2019

Ho ho ho! It's the most wonderful time of the year again -- and Nashville never disappoints. There are numerous activities to help get you in the holiday spirit! Whether you call Nashville home or you're traveling to our city for the holiday season, make your plans now. We've compiled a list of a handful of the most popular (and least known) holiday events in Nashville. These certainly are not the end of the holiday activities in Nashville, but are definitely on our favorites list.

Get cozy in an igloo

Through March

Downtown Nashville

Located on the rooftop of The Bobby Hotel, the Nordic Village with private igloos is back for year two. Igloos hold up to eight people plus two rustic cedar cabins that host groups up to three couples. You'll need reservations -- so, book a block of time and cozy up in a warm igloo with great drinks and great views. -- $200+

Photo via Bobby Hotel

Celebrate a country Christmas

Through January 1

Opryland Resort

The Gaylord Opryland Resort always shows up in its best dress for the holiday season. The gigantic hotel's decorations and flowers are lit up with millions of shiny lights. It's free to walk the main areas of the hotel. There are plenty of other activities you can take part in like indoor snow tubing, their annual ICE! Spectacular featuring scenes from A Christmas Story, and more. -- Free to $21.99+

Music City Holiday Cruise on the Cumberland

Through December 23

Downtown Nashville / Opry Mills

Each night, the General Jackson Showboat makes a nightly cruise down the Cumberland during the festive season with a holiday dinner buffet and a full stage show. It might be chilly and breezy on the water, but it's warm and cozy inside the boat as you cruise to the skyline and back to Opry Mills. -- $66+

Zoolumination at the Nashville Zoo

Through December 30

South Nashville / Nashville Zoo

Experience the Nashville Zoo like you never have before. It's the country's largest Chinese lantern festival with over 500 custom-made silk lanterns spread across 60 acres featuring (of course) your favorite zoo animals, holiday-themed scenes, a 200-foot-long dragon, and more.  -- $19 to $29

Photo via Nashville Zoo

Winter wonderland at Hidden Bar

Through December 31

Downtown Nashville

Hidden Bar is located in the basement of the Noelle Hotel. It's not quite a speakeasy, but you definitely will have to hunt for it. (The bar is through that door?) Once you find the hallway to Hidden Bar, you'll find a winter wonderland of holiday excess and specialty winter cocktails. -- Free

Festive Franklin cocktails

Friday, December 6


When it comes to our cocktails, we don't settle. This cocktail festival won't disappoint. You can expect holiday drinks created by mixologists plus food, music, and entertainment. -- $34

Nashville Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 7

Lower Broadway

Set up along the side of Lower Broadway to get a good view of the floats, bands, and performance groups marching by. It's always a blast and it benefits the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. -- Free

LOL at Nashville's Nutcracker

December 7 through December 23


Don't miss the Nashville's Nutcracker. It's entertaining, with talented dancers, great music, and local jokes and puns to keep it fun. -- $53+

Photo via Nashville Ballet


December 7 through December 23


What good is a baseball field during the winter? Turn it into a holiday spectacle, duh! There is a thrilling tube run, an outdoor ice skating rink, Nashville's tallest Christmas tree, and a two-story version of Santa's Workshop. It's anything and everything holiday you could wish for in one! -- $15.99+

Carol (the verb, not your coworker) at the Schermerhorn

Saturday, December 7


This family-friendly singalong starts at 10am with an hour of kids' activities before the show at 11am! It's backed by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, so it's kind of a big deal. -- $49+

Stroll Cheekwood with your honey

Through December 29

Belle Meade

The botanical gardens at Cheekwood are beautiful year-round. Imagine that but times ten. The grounds are decked out in colorful light displays. You can even buy 3D glasses to transform some of the displays into twinkly illusions. (They def are already 3D in real life, but it's whatever.) They offer varying packages with drink tickets, hot cocoa, s'mores kits, and fire pits. -- $25+

Drive through lights in Franklin

Through January 5


Pay by the carload & drive through the one-mile long path at The Franktown Festival of Lights. You can even tune your car stereo to classic holiday songs synced to the lights. -- $25+


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Oct. 30, 2019

The Best Nashville Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat In

Boo! It's Halloween week! Families and children around Metro Nashville are getting their costumes ready and candy bags ready searching for the perfect spot in the area to hit up for trick-or-treating. Our local Experts have compiled a list of some of the hottest neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating at.

1. East Nashville

This area of town is know for being eclectic year-round. The holiday season doesn't disappoint. East Nashville is home to many residential areas with plenty of sidewalks, parking, and homes handing out candy.

2. Hillsboro/West End

Located between Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities, the area is very walkable with sidewalks lining most of the streets. You'll find decked out homes on every street -- especially on Essex and Barton. Often, Essex is closed to traffic for an uninterrupted, traffic-free experience.

3. Richland

This is the Halloween trick-or-treating jackpot. You'll find the most action on Richland Avenue and on the 3700 block. Neighbors go through gallons of candy, and there are hundreds of pumpkins carved and on display. Even better, there are several homes that go all out -- and when we say all out, we mean it. For your safety, traffic control is even hired. 

4. Belmont

Hit up Belmont Boulevard and Oakland Avenue for a great Halloween experience! There is ample street parking and cute homes that are totally tricked out -- some that are so decorated, other decorated homes in the area can't even contend.

5. Green Hills & Belle Meade

The lack of walkability in these areas deters many trick-or-treaters. But, if you find a street with houses nestled close to each other, you are sure to find decorated homes and a crowd of trick-or-treaters.

6. Westhaven in Franklin

Here's another Halloween jackpot! It sits just south of Nashville in Williamson County. The neighborhood is filled with townhouses and single-family homes, so you definitely won't run into a shortage of homes handing out candy or kids in costumes.

Where are you going this Halloween? We'd love to see your costumes! Tag @MusicCityExperts or #MusicCityExperts so we can see your spooky evening. 

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July 3, 2019

Places to watch 4th of July fireworks

It's that time of year again -- friends, family, and BBQs celebrating Independence Day. Fireworks are always a part of the annual festivities, and there are several places you can go to see a spectacular show. Many of the fireworks, 

The star of the fireworks diplays will be the show in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Here are some of the tops spots in the Nashville area.

July 3rd Fireworks Show at TailGate Brewery

Celebrate Independence Day a day early! From 11:00am to 11:00pm, enjoy live music, craft beer, cider, wine, liquor, pizza, and a fireworks display at 9:00pm. It's is a family-friendly event, and admission is free.

Find out more >>

Let Freedom Sing! Music City July 4th -- Downtown Nashville

Spectators will marvel at the largest 4th of July fireworks show in the country! What really makes Music City's show the best is the GRAMMY-award-winning Nashville Symphony's original songs performed live and choreographed to the fireworks show. Check out these poppin' facts about the event: 

  • More than 62,000 shells will be shot, making it one of the largest fireworks shows in the country.
  • Eighteen technicians from Pyro Shows will set up the show over the course of eight days.
  • More than 36,000 pounds of explosives and 150 miles of wire will be used.
  • Fifteen flatbed trailers mounted with fireworks will be used.
  • Some 40,000 pounds of sand will be used to bury the largest shells.
  • There will be more than 1,000 floating flares and special ghost shells as part of the show.
  • The show’s finale will be the most powerful in Nashville history.

Get all the details about timing and the best places to view the show >>

Franklin on the 4th

The free festival kicks off at 10 a.m. on Thursday, July 4th, with bluegrass music playing from the stage. Food and craft booths will fill the downtown square. Antique cars will line Main Street between the square and 4th Avenue. The show will begin at approximately 9 p.m.

Learn more >>

Red, White and Boom in Brentwood Celebration

The 32nd Annual Independence Day Celebration at the Eddy Arnold Amphitheater in Crockett Park from 5pm to 10pm on Thursday July 4, 2019. Big Band, disco, and jazz music will begin at 7pm. The display begins at 9pm, admission is free.

More info >>

Mt. Juliet’s Musical July 4th Firework Celebration

Mt. Juliet’s fireworks show will be at the little league ball fields on Lebanon Road. There will be $10 parking on-site benefiting Mt. Juliet League Baseball/Softball.

Tune your radio to 94.1FM to hear the show choreographed with music.

Get the details >>

Where will you celebrate the 4th? We want to see all of the fun around Music City! Share your posts on social media and tag @MusicCityExperts.

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May 13, 2019

Why do you need a REALTOR®?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial (and emotional) undertakings of your life. Some people feel like they can take on this task alone by doing the work themselves, or by using one of the newer limited service companies that allow you to submit offers online without agent representation. Although you might be able to save on commission rates, flying solo is usually not the best way to go. Doing so could end up being more costly than commission in the long run -- especially by using a limited service company where fees (up to a whopping 9%) can easily surpass commission rates.

1. Agents really know the market & the industry

Real estate agents have loads of experience -- and Music City Experts' agents are truly experts. For many agents, helping people buy and sell homes is their full-time job. So, even though you might think you have a good idea of the real estate market in your area, an agent spends all day every day in the business. Their knowledge and familiarity with the industry is unmatched. And, like any other industry, real estate has its own set of jargon and acronyms. Your agent can help you navigate this terminology.

2. Agents have amazing searching power

The searching power of the internet is awesome. You can quite literally find almost anything! You can find tons of up-to-date, accurate listings at any hour of the day on websites like ours. Ready to have your mind blown? REALTORS® have access to more listings that aren't actively being advertised. They even have access to homes before they hit the market!

Too, your agent has the skills and tools to help you find a home that meets your exact criteria. See an area that's just over your price range? They can help you find a home there that you may have overlooked.

3. REALTORS® can't lie

Okay, well, sure they can. However, REALTORS® are licensed professionals that adhere to a strict code of ethics in addition to common law. They are required to act in their client's best interest. Plus, Music City Experts agents are held to an even higher standard of professionalism. It's one of the many reasons we are #DeliberatelyDifferent.

4. They will get you the best value

Whether you are buying or selling, your real estate agent will make sure you get the best value. They have impeccable negotiation skills, and they will make sure you don't overpay.

5. Representation

REALTORS® wear a lot of hats. In addition to making sure you get the best value when buying or seling, your real estate agent will be your backer and fighter that will be there for you & make sure nobody takes advantage of you. It's like having a advocate, therapist, and data analyst in one.

6. The little details that count

Your agent is your resource from contract-to-close. Contracts and paperwork can be hard to handle. If you've ever bought a home, you know how many little details there are that need to be satisfied. Even still, most people are not familiar with the nitty gritty. A real estate agent is. They can and will walk you through every step. Having this experienced professional by your side will make the process seem much less overwhelming. You can have peace of mind knowing that the important details are being handled correctly.

Ready to buy or list your home? Trust one of our agents -- you won't be disappointed. We have a diverse range of agents on our team, and we're sure you will find one that you work with perfectly.

Feb. 13, 2019

Nashville Date Night Restaurants

Need last minute Valentine's Day date night ideas? Nashville is filled with spots for the perfect romantic evening with your sweet heart. Here are a few of Nashville's hidden gems:

1. Barcelona Wine Bar -- Edgehill

Visit website

Explore the seemingly endless menu of unique wines and tapas at Barcelona. This spacious, dimmly lit room is the ideal location for a special occasion or your casual week night dining.

2. Nicky's Coal Fired

Visit website

This Italian restaurant, specializing in gourmet pizzas and pasta, is one of the newer additions to The Nations in West Nashville. 

3. Margot

Visit website

Margot puts a southern accent on French cuisine. This quaint spot is located in Five Points right in the heart of East Nashville. The menu changes daily and focuses on locally sourced products, seasonal ingredients, freshness, and simplicity.

4. answer.

Visit website

Situated in the Sylvan park neighborhood, Answer's adorable interior and eclectic menu might make this your favorite weekly date night choice.

5. Josephine

Visit website

Dine at Josephine on the ever-so-popular 12th Avenue South, and go explore the shops & murals after.

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