Buying a home is one of the most exciting feelings ever. Moving all of your belongings in to your new home or moving out of your previous home... ehh, not so much. We don't often hear words "moving" and "fun" used together in the same sentence. 

While moving may not ever exactly be "fun," we have put together a list of ten tips that will tell you how to make your next move as fun, easy, organized, and stress-free as possible.

1. Make a checklist & schedule.

Sometimes the basics just work the best. It's way too easy to fool yourself into thinking that you have it all under control. Before you know it, moving day is approaching and you enter panic mode. Well before your move, you should make a checklist and schedule of what is to be packed and when. On that note...

2. Pack an essentials bag or an "Open First" box.

Before you start packing essential items (like toiletry items, a change of clothes or two, undergarments, cell phone chargers, etc.), pack a bag or box with a few items just in case you have difficulty finding what you need or your move gets delayed. Make sure your box or bag is easily found and does not get loaded onto the moving truck.

3. Smaller boxes are the way to go.

While you will need a few larger boxes for your move, small boxes are much easier to manage and stack. Although you will end up with more boxes, they will be easier move around as you are going through the unpacking process. You'll also be able to pack your belongings into more specific categories, thus making unpacking less overwhelming since you will be able find exactly what you are looking for in a single box. Plus, you'll unpack boxes quicker giving yourself a constant sense of satisfaction.

4. Clearly label all of your boxes.

As you're unpacking, you likely won't get everything situated in your new space in a quick afternoon. You'll probably need to randomly find and unpack the box with the wine opener in it sooner rather than later. If you forgot to clearly label the box it was in, we both know that won't be a fun hide and seek match. ;)

5. Keep it simple.

If you don't have to box something up, don't. For example, secure the drawers of your dresser and keep your clothes in it. For hanging clothes, don't pass them off to the movers. Consider moving them yourself by keep them on the hangers and stacking them in the order you took them off of the rack in your personal vehicle. This way, you'll know where everything is in your dresser and the order of your hanging clothes will remain the same.

6. Only move what you need and want.

Moving is a great opportunity to clear out unnecessary or unwanted clutter. Bringing only what you want to take with you will make the unpacking process easier and quicker.

7. Schedule your utilities termination or transfer well in advance.

As soon as you know you will be moving, call to sort out your utility transfer or termination of service. This small but very important step is very easy to forget when you are in the heart of moving chaos. It is best to just get it over with.

8. Create a moving playlist.

Make your move more enjoyable by creating a playlist filled with your favorite jams.  

9. Change your address a week ahead of time. 

By changing your address in advance, you ensure all of your mail will arrive at your new home without delay.

10. Hire a professional moving company.

Eliminate the hassle of moving your belongings from point A to point B. Hiring professional movers helps make sure your valuables are transported safely and without damage. It might be a good idea for your back, too. :)