Why do you need a REALTOR®?

Dated: October 16 2020

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Buying a home is one of the biggest financial (and emotional) undertakings of your life. Some people feel like they can take on this task alone by doing the work themselves, or by using one of the newer limited service companies that allow you to submit offers online without agent representation. Although you might be able to save on commission rates, flying solo is usually not the best way to go. Doing so could end up being more costly than commission in the long run -- especially by using a limited service company where fees (up to a whopping 9%) can easily surpass commission rates.

1. Agents really know the market & the industry

Real estate agents have loads of experience -- and Music City Experts' agents are truly experts. For many agents, helping people buy and sell homes is their full-time job. So, even though you might think you have a good idea of the real estate market in your area, an agent spends all day every day in the business. Their knowledge and familiarity with the industry is unmatched. And, like any other industry, real estate has its own set of jargon and acronyms. Your agent can help you navigate this terminology.

2. Agents have amazing searching power

The searching power of the internet is awesome. You can quite literally find almost anything! You can find tons of up-to-date, accurate listings at any hour of the day on websites like ours. Ready to have your mind blown? REALTORS® have access to more listings that aren't actively being advertised. They even have access to homes before they hit the market!

Too, your agent has the skills and tools to help you find a home that meets your exact criteria. See an area that's just over your price range? They can help you find a home there that you may have overlooked.

3. REALTORS® can't lie

Okay, well, sure they can. However, REALTORS® are licensed professionals that adhere to a strict code of ethics in addition to common law. They are required to act in their client's best interest. Plus, Music City Experts agents are held to an even higher standard of professionalism. It's one of the many reasons we are #DeliberatelyDifferent.

4. They will get you the best value

Whether you are buying or selling, your real estate agent will make sure you get the best value. They have impeccable negotiation skills, and they will make sure you don't overpay.

5. Representation

REALTORS® wear a lot of hats. In addition to making sure you get the best value when buying or seling, your real estate agent will be your backer and fighter that will be there for you & make sure nobody takes advantage of you. It's like having a advocate, therapist, and data analyst in one.

6. The little details that count

Your agent is your resource from contract-to-close. Contracts and paperwork can be hard to handle. If you've ever bought a home, you know how many little details there are that need to be satisfied. Even still, most people are not familiar with the nitty gritty. A real estate agent is. They can and will walk you through every step. Having this experienced professional by your side will make the process seem much less overwhelming. You can have peace of mind knowing that the important details are being handled correctly.

Ready to buy or list your home? Trust one of our agents -- you won't be disappointed. We have a diverse range of agents on our team, and we're sure you will find one that you work with perfectly.

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