What should I do before listing my home?

Dated: October 19 2020

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If you want your home to stand out in the Nashville real estate market, it only makes sense to look into what you should do before listing your home and consider if there are updates that might help boost your sale price and buyer traction. Did you know that it's usually little low-cost details that make a home more attractive to buyers?

Of course, your Music City Experts real estate agent will help guide you through the pre-listing process, but here are a few pre-listing tips to ensure that you get the most from your home's sale.

1. Get an inspection.

Although this isn't required, sellers sometimes decide to get a home inspection to avoid any unexpected hiccups during a transaction that could derail the sale of their home. This can be beneficial no matter the age of your home.

Benefits of a home inspection

Getting an inspection can help you make more informed decisions about any issues that are beyond just cosmetic. This can save you time during the transaction. If you're going to have to replace your roof before closing, wouldn't you rather get it over with?

Additionally, you'll know exactly what is in tip-top shape, so your real estate agent can market your property more effectively. Knowing the condition of your home can give you negotiation leverage, too.

2. Work on curb appeal.

Landscaping and Cosmetic Improvements

Landscaping is one of the first things to consider when trying to improve your home's curb appeal. Your real estate agent can help refer you to a trusted professional landscaper. If you have a green thumb, you should consider mowing your lawn regularly, trimming overgrown shrubs, planting more flowers, mulching and adding tasteful touches like a fountain or bird bath.

You can draw attention to your home by repainting or replacing your front door and by adding tasteful lighting an entryway or front of the home. Consider adding outdoor rugs or potted plants in visible areas to make your home feel more welcoming. If possible, you can try to hide any unsightly parts of the home like the HVAC unit or electric boxes.

Clean and Paint Faded Areas

You should also consider the cleanliness and and appearance of your home's exterior. If needed, pressure wash your home, decks and patios, driveway, and pathways. If there are any exterior touches, like shutters or siding, that are in need of a new paint job, repaint them with an in-style color that matches your home.

3. Do a deep clean.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner to do a deep clean of your home, including any carpets.

Pro tip! Sometimes, homes develop off-putting scents overtime from cooking, furry friends, smoking, and etc. Your Music City Experts real estate agent can help you decide if odor treatment will help you sell your home. Don't try and mask odors with candles or air fresheners. These tend to deter buyers even more when the underlying odor can still be detected.

4. Make minor low-cost improvements.

By making small, low-cost improvements, your potential buyers will be more likely to submit an offer for a higher price-point. You might try some of the following:

  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Repaint cabinets
  • Repaint certain rooms and/or trim
  • Refinish hardwood floors

Our 2020 Home Design Trends blog can help you see what styles are "in."

5. Declutter and stage.

Staging a home is vital. Buyers not only have a difficult time envisioning themselves in an empty home, but also when the home has clutter, out-of-date furniture, or a bright purple living room.

To sell your home as fast as possible, you will need to get rid of or move excess clutter out of your home. Your Music City Experts real estate agent can also help you decide if repainting and professional staging is needed.

Have a home to sell? Let one of our experts help you out! I need a Nashville real estate agent.

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