2020 Home Design Trends

Dated: January 1 2020

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A new year is traditionally a time for change. But even more than the usual changes we’ve come to expect with each passing year, a new decade brings with it even more of an impetus to do something #DeliberatelyDifferent!

Home design is no exception.

The last decade is all the proof we need. Home design took a drastic shift from oversized furniture, Tuscan-style finishes and all brown all the time in the early 2000s to the midcentury pieces, farmhouse simplicity and monotone greige filling homes at the end of 2019.

We’ve gathered 9 trends to love in the first year of this brand new decade:

1. Farmhouse Refined

Lovers of farmhouse design sing the praises of it’s casual, lived-in vibe. But many complain that it lacks in warmth and individuality. Look for a more refined farmhouse style to take place of the current cool, monotone look. This new incarnation will bring in more color and pattern and a bit more sophistication with influences from European country cottages.

2. Bring The Outside In

Natural elements in your living space is a trend that started a few years ago and continues to reign, but its tamed down a bit for the new decade. Houseplants are still a beautiful way to add color and texture to a space, but instead of a wild, overgrown fiddle leaf fig choose the more modern shape of an olive tree. Pair your furnishings made out of natural fibers with a deep jeweled paint color to elevate your style from boho to chic. Marble and real stone are fantastic additions to your home design - not just on big ticket items like countertops and tile, but as accessories like a vase or a pot for your elegant olive tree.

3. New-trals

Color is making a comeback! Pantone’s Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a rich shade of navy. Expect this color to pop up everywhere from textiles to cabinetry. Earth tones will take center stage kicking grey to the curb. Muted pinks, terra-cotta oranges and golden hues will be the neutrals of the new decade giving a big nod to number two on this list.

4. High Contrast, High Impact

In case you haven’t already noticed… monotone grey is so last decade. 2020 is all about being bold and making a statement. What better way to make big impact than with a stark contrast? Black doors. Bright ceiling (so long accent wall!) Dark and daring trim (Classic Blue, anyone?) And really could there be a more timeless combo that black and white?

5. Multi-tone Kitchens

No home design roundup would be complete without including the heart of the home - the kitchen. All white and stainless steel kitchens have seen better days. The kitchens of the new decade will mix colors on cabinetry, perhaps a colorful island or upper and lower cabinets in contrasting colors. Wood will find it’s way back into the mix either on cabinets, a custom range hood or butcher block tops. Combining elements from some of the other trends on this list will give you that update you are ready for and breathe new life to the all white (yawn!) kitchen.

6. Well-defined Living Spaces

Ok… so you are probably thinking this is design sacrilege. But word on the street is there is a shift away from open-concept living especially among millennials who are slated to be the largest group of homebuyers in the coming decade. Offices, dining rooms and kitchens separate from the living and lounging spaces speak to how we use our homes IRL. 

Think twice before sledgehammering that wall!

7. Sustainable Design

This area is broad because it covers everything from the type of furnishings we choose to purchase in our homes to the materials we use to cover our floors. Disposable furniture is becoming passè in favor of higher quality items. A single vintage statement piece has big design impact while also reusing an existing object thereby lessening environmental impact. Tables and bookshelves made with sustainable materials such as rattan and wicker are not only on point design-wise, but also reduce our footprint on the planet. Vintage and second hand shops are full of one-of-a-kind design treasures waiting to make your space truly unique.

8. Uniquely You

What if the ultimate trend is to not follow any trend at all? This may very well be the biggest shift we see this decade. Cookie-cutter homes have been on the way out for several years and cookie-cutter design is close on it’s heels. Authenticity seekers are finding that while Instagram and Pinterest are full of design ideas, these designs don’t always reflect their personal tastes. So ask yourself - do I love this? Once you discover what speaks to you… do that thing in your home!

Are you looking for a new home to make your own? Or is turn-key 2020 design more what you have in mind? We can help you find your dream space for the new decade. Choose an agent that is right for you >>

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