As a new year rolls in, so do the new home design trends, and experts have their predictions for what's going to be hot and what's not. Before you head to your favorite home improvement store and pick up the paint brush, take a look at what colors and styles you can expect to see in stores, magazines, and Instagram feeds this year. 

1. Natural Details  

Photo via Decor Aid

In 2019, expect natural pieces to be at the forefront. Say goodbye to the cold minimal technology focused design from 2018 and welcome natural elements like stone, granite, copper, and concrete. Warm up your space with natural light or other pieces like houseplants, wooden accents or furniture, geodes, and branches.

Photo via @holden.parker on Instagram

2. Velvet


Yes, you read that right -- velvet. What was once seen as old and weird, is now unique and luxurious. Design experts believe this trend will really take off in 2019. 

Bonus trend: Burnt & mustard yellow are making an appearance in 2019, too.

3. Brass

Photo via @jossandmain on Instagram

Carrying over from 2018, brass decor is expected to be the popular alternative to nickel and stainless steel. Brass is a fun way to add warm character to any room, whether it's a living room or a bathroom with brass fixtures.

4. Pink & Blush

Photo via Style and Minimalism

Blush, dusty pink, and bronze are going to be the colors that instantly liven up a tired neutral room in 2019.

5. Black & White Decor

Photo via Elle Decor

It's timeless, it's bold, and it's going to be a popular trend in 2019. Black and white is so fresh, clean, and modern no matter what year it is.

6. Geometric Patterns

Photo via HG Design Ideas

Certainly no new design trend here, but expect 2019's geo patterns to be much larger and much bolder than ever before. If you're not committed enough to decorate a wall, adding a throw blanket is an easy way to incorporate this trend into your space.

7. Vintage Lighting

Photo via Pinterest

Edison bulbs and exposed wires probably aren't going anywhere for a while, but vintage pendants and scones (especally with copper and brass) will be making an appearance in 2019.

8. Dark and moody colors

Photo via Studio McGhee

Designers predict that homeowners are going to start leaning towards darker colors, like navy and forest green, in response to the past few years being so heavily focused on neutrals.

9. Soaking Tubs

Photo via Interiorzine

People are looking to make bath time a more luxurious, spa-like experience -- even taking space from closets and hallways to make their relaxation oasis dreams come true.

10. Light Wood Floors

Photo via Elle Decor

Light wood floors are chic, make for a light and airy feel, and they can easily be made to fit in a casual or more luxurious decor. This popular hit is here to stay in 2019.

While these are definitely not the only hot trends for the new year, these are some of the A-listers. Inspired? Decorating is fun, especially when it's your brand new home! Let Music City Experts help you find your Nashville home. Give us a call or reach out on -- social media // 615.815.1295